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Alexios Stanpatos

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:12 pm

CEO of Alexios' Creations
CEO of Stanpatos Enterprises(Formerly)

Stanpatos Mansion

Michael Stanpatos(Father; Deceased)
Unknown Mother
Dylan Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Andre Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Franco Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Rebecca Rogers(Paternal Half Sister)
Vivian Stanpatos(Paternal Half Sister)
Lawrence Stanpatos(Paternal Uncle; Deceased)
Clara McGuire(Cousin via Lawrence)
Unknown Uncle(Deceased)
A.J Stanpatos(Nephew via Andre)
Sabrina Stanpatos(Niece via Andre; Adopted Niece via Dylan)
Ava Goo(Niece via Rebecca)

Ciara Goo(Dated)
Bethany Wilson(One Night Stand; Dating)
Silvia Miller(One Night Stand)

Alexios Stanpatos is the long lost son of Michael Stanpatos. Alexios grew up in a poor home, because his "father" was a gambling addict, and kept losing their money. Eventually, his "father" was killed by a loan shark, leaving him with just his mother. Eventually, when Alexios was old enough, he formed his own fashion company known as 'Alexios' Creations' and it became a huge success. Alexios came to Fantastic in 2015, when his "uncle", Michael Stanpatos, was ill. However, it was later revealed that Michael was really Alexios' biological father, courtesy of Andre, who "accidentally" blurted it out. Alexios prides himself on being his own man, refusing to take any hand outs from his family. He is also one of the few non psychopathic members of the Stanpatos family.
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