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Dylan Stanpatos

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:08 pm

DURATION: 2004-2015; 2018-PRESENT
WPA agent(Formerly)
Crime Boss(Formerly)
CEO of Stanpatos Enterprises(Formerly)
Commissioner of Fantastic Police Department(Formerly)
Detective for Fantastic Police Department(Formerly)

Current residence unknown
Lydia's Mansion(Formerly)
Several locations while travelling for WPA(Formerly)
House in Fantastic City(Formerly)
Stanpatos Mansion(Formerly)
Goo Castle(Formerly)
New York(Formerly)

Michael Stanpatos(Father; Deceased)
Claudia Stanpatos(Mother)
Andre Stanpatos(Brother)
Franco Stanpatos(Brother)
Rebecca Rogers(Paternal Half Sister)
Vincent Stevens(Maternal Half Brother; Deceased)
Kassie Stanpatos(Sister; Deceased)
Alexios Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Vivian Stanpatos(Paternal Half Sister)
Lawrence Stanpatos(Paternal Uncle; Deceased)
Unknown Uncle(Deceased)
Clara McGuire(Cousin via Lawrence)
Sabrina Stanpatos(Niece via Andre; Adopted Daughter)

Sabrina Stanpatos(Adopted Daughter with Ciara)

Samantha Baldwin(Dated; Deceased)
Ciara Goo(Dated)
Serena Masters(Dated)
Lydia Masters(Married)

Dylan Stanpatos grew up in New York, inside one of the Stanpatos family's many homes. Growing up their wasn't easy, due to the criminal nature of the family. Dylan often clashed with his father, Andre, and Franco on several matters. However, he and Kassie, both being the good seeds of the family, were quite close. When Andre pushed Kassie down the stairs when they were teenagers, presumably killing her, Dylan snapped, and a dark side to him was created(Dark Dylan). After witnessing the event, Dylan took a gun and shot Andre, and then forgot about the incident afterwards. Dylan went on to be a cop, but Michael still wanted him in the fold. Michael and Andre eventually abducted Dylan, and brainwashed him to do their bidding. Dylan escaped their captivity, and made his way to Fantastic, somehow losing his memories along the way. Dylan is arguably the biggest hero Fantastic City has seen, protecting it from several threats. However, he met his maker in 2015, at the hands of his wife, Lydia Masters' cousin, Kadmos Masters.
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