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Dr. Olivia Acerbi

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:55 pm

Chief of Staff at Fantastic Medical
Chief of Staff at Acerbi Clinic(Formerly)
Wishbone's henchwoman(Formerly)
Stanpatos family scientist(Formerly)

House in Fantastic City
Phoenix, Arizona(Formerly)
Several locations across Europe(Formerly)

Stan Goo(Father; Deceased)
Marge Goo(Mother; Deceased)
Queen Molly Goo(Sister; Deceased)
Victor Goo(Brother)
Fletcher Michaels(Paternal Half Brother; Deceased)
Mia Goo(Paternal Cousin)
Katie Goo(Niece via Queen Goo)
Peter Wilson(Nephew via Queen Goo; Deceased)
Andy Goo(Nephew via Queen Goo)
Quinn Goo(Nephew via Queen Goo; Deceased)
Clara McGuire(Niece via Queen Goo)
V.J Goo(Nephew via Victor; Deceased)
Brady Goo(Nephew via Victor)
Ciara Goo(Niece via Victor)
Tina Gomez(Niece via Victor)
Brad Wilson(Great Nephew via Peter)
Sabrina Stanpatos(Adopted Great Niece via Ciara)
Emma Alvarado(Adopted Great Niece via Andy; Deceased)
Ava Goo(Great Niece via Andy)

Josephine Acerbi(Daughter with Wishbone)
Brody McKay(Son with unknown man; Deceased)
Adelina Harman(Daughter with Walter Masters)

Omar "Wishbone" Holt(Lovers; Broken Up)
Brody's Father(Lovers)
Lawrence Stanpatos(Possibly Lovers at one point; Deceased)
Walter Masters(One Night Stand; Deceased)

Olivia Acerbi first appeared when Dylan Stanpatos when to Phoenix, Arizona, investigating a clinic with connections to Wishbone. Later, after a visit from Victor, it was revealed that Acerbi was Queen Goo and Victor's long lost sister, Olivia Goo. Acerbi didn't like the prestige life style their family lived, so she left and went on to become a scientist. At some point, Acerbi met Wishbone, and became obsessed with him. Acerbi was willing to do anything for Wishbone, anything but give him a child, that is. When Acerbi discovered she was pregnant with Josephine, she immediately gave Josephine up for adoption after birth, hoping that Wishbone would never discover that he was a father, afraid of the influence he may have on the child. Acerbi and Josephine met up and reconnected years later. Josephine wasn't the only child that Acerbi had given up. She gave up Brody when his father forced her to, and she also gave up Adelina, afraid of what Walter's wife, Madeline, would do if she found out Walter had a child with another woman. After Josephine came back into Acerbi's life, Acerbi has mostly given up her life of crime, and is now in charge of Fantastic Medical.
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