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Lucas Cambino

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:55 pm

CEO of Justin Shaw Media
Head of the Cambino Crime Family(Formerly)
Owner of Cambino Furniture(Formerly)

Lake House
Lydia's Mansion(Formerly)
Penthouse in Fantastic City(Formerly)

Giovanni Cambino(Father)
Unknown Mother(Deceased)
Gretta Cambino(Sister)
Corey Cambino(Brother; Deceased)
Chelsea Cambino(Niece via Gretta)
Quinn Goo(Paternal Cousin; Deceased)

Leon Benson(Son with Sasha; Deceased)

Sasha(Dated; Deceased)
Adelina Harman(Divorced)
Rebecca Rogers(Dated)
Kristina Cat(Dated; Deceased)
Katie Goo(Dated)
Lydia Masters(Married)

Lucas Cambino was the heir apparent to a mob empire created by his father, the formidable Giovanni Cambino. However, despite taking over the family empire, he was always softer than his father when it came to being a ruthless mob boss. Lucas often fought his sister, Gretta, for control of the empire. His brother, Corey, being an after thought in their father's eyes. Lucas married Adelina Harman at some point, but she eventually cheated on him with Corey, thus ending the two brother's relationship, along with Lucas' marriage to Adelina. Lucas also dated Rebecca before coming to Fantastic, but she broke up with him because she didn't want to date a mobster. He also dated a woman named Sasha, who became pregnant with his son, which he didn't find out about until many years later. Recently, Lucas married Lydia Masters, but that marriage was threatened when Lucas secretly returned to the mob, after being blackmailed by Mia Goo. When the truth came out, Lydia eventually decided to forgive Lucas, after he left the mob once and for all. After legitimizing himself, he bought Jack Fulton's old company, Justin Shaw Media, as a new start for his life.
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