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Katie Goo

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:44 pm
DURATION: 2004-2007; 2014-2015; 2015-2016; 2017-PRESENT
Co Host of Fantastic City Gossip
News Reporter in Seattle(Formerly)
News Reporter(Formerly)

Goo Castle

Stan Goo(Maternal Grandfather; Presumed Deceased)
Marge Goo(Paternal Grandmother; Deceased)
King Damien Beast(Father)
Queen Molly Goo(Mother; Deceased)
Peter Wilson(Maternal Half Brother; Deceased)
Andy Goo(Maternal Half Brother)
Quinn Goo(Maternal Half Brother; Deceased)
Clara McGuire(Maternal Half Sister)
Brad Wilson(Nephew via Peter)
Emma Alvarado(Adopted Niece via Andy; Deceased)
Ava Goo(Niece via Andy)
Stan Goo(Maternal Grandfather; Presumed Deceased)
Marge Goo(Maternal Grandmother; Deceased)
Victor Goo(Maternal Uncle)
Olivia Acerbi(Maternal Aunt)
Fletcher Michaels(Maternal Uncle; Deceased)
V.J Goo(Cousin via Victor; Deceased)
Brady Goo(Cousin via Victor)
Ciara Goo(Cousin via Victor)
Tina Gomez(Cousin via Victor)
Josephine Acerbi(Cousin via Olivia)
Brody McKay(Cousin via Olivia; Deceased)
Adelina Harman(Cousin via Olivia)
Lance Spencer(Paternal Cousin; Deceased)
Sabrina Stanpatos(Adopted Second Cousin via Ciara)
Mia Goo(Maternal Second Cousin)
Hank Chandler(Paternal Second Cousin; Deceased)

Max Warren(Dated; Deceased)
Lucas Cambino(Dated)
Corey Cambino(Dated; Deceased)
Emilio Alvarado(Dated)

Katie Goo is one of the original cast members, first being introduced as Queen Goo's daughter(The only child she raised from birth). At first, Katie was very dimwitted, and would get in the way quite often. However, after spending a lot of time away from Fantastic, Katie returned much more intelligent, and revealed that she was now a news reporter. In 2014, Queen Goo lied and told Katie that her biological father was Lawrence Stanpatos. In 2015, the truth was revealed, and King Beast was identified as Katie's father. Queen Goo kept it a secret originally because at the time, King Beast was an evil tyrant. However, after he changed his ways, she still kept it a secret in order to not disrupt her relationships with either King Beast or Katie. Katie recently got offered a job by Lucas, working as the co host at Fantastic City Gossip. Later, Lucas also brought Bethany Wilson on as a co host, and Katie and Bethany immediately clashed.
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