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Bethany Wilson

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:53 pm

Co Host of Fantastic City Gossip
Owner of B-T Bakery
Arms Dealer(Formerly)
Waitress at Coffee Bean(Formerly)

Stanpatos Mansion
Alexios' Townhouse(Formerly)
Unknown Location in Fantastic(Formerly)

Ricardo Wilson(Father; Deceased)
Anjelica Waters(Mother)
Peter Wilson(Paternal Half Brother; Deceased)
Brad Wilson(Nephew via Peter)

Kaylie Simms(Engagement Broken)
Brody McKay(Dated; Deceased)
Andy Goo(She kissed him)
Alexios Stanpatos(One Night Stand, Dating)

Bethany Wilson came to town after discovering who her biological father was, and finding out she had a nephew living in Fantastic City. Bethany got a job working at The Coffee Bean, but secretly, she was working for her ex, Brody McKay, as an arms dealer. On the night of Brady Goo's wedding to Kristina Cat, Bethany had a one night stand with Alexios after Andy rejected her. Using that info, she blackmailed Alexios into putting a hit on Brody, threatening to tell his then girlfriend, Ciara Goo, about their one night stand. Alexios complied, but something went terribly wrong, and Bethany caught the bullet. Bethany recovered physically, but because of the traumatic incident, she began suffering from PTSD. Alexios, feeling bad for what happened, helped her through her suffering. The two grew closer, and eventually began to date.
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