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Andy Goo

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:35 pm

Detective for Fantastic Police Department
WPA Agent(Formerly)
CEO of Moretta Corp(Formerly)

House with Rebecca
Beach House(Formerly)
Goo Castle(Formerly)
Apartment in Fantastic(Formerly)

Stan Goo(Maternal Grandfather; Presumed Deceased)
Marge Goo(Maternal Grandmother; Deceased)
Ian McGuire(Father; Deceased)
Queen Molly Goo(Mother; Deceased)
Mia Goo(Second Cousin)
Katie Goo(Maternal Half Sister)
Peter Wilson(Maternal Half Brother; Deceased)
Quinn Goo(Maternal Half Brother; Deceased)
Clara McGuire(Maternal Half Sister)
Brad Wilson(Nephew Via Peter)
Victor Goo(Maternal Uncle)
Olivia Acerbi(Maternal Aunt)
Fletcher Michaels(Maternal Uncle; Deceased)
Mia Goo(Paternal Second Cousin)
V.J Goo(Maternal Cousin via Victor; Deceased)
Brady Goo(Maternal Cousin via Victor)
Ciara Goo(Maternal Cousin via Victor)
Tina Gomez(Maternal Cousin via Victor)
Sabrina Stanpatos(Adopted Second Cousin via Ciara)
Josephine Acerbi(Maternal Cousin via Olivia)
Brody McKay(Maternal Cousin via Olivia; Deceased)
Adelina Harman(Maternal Cousin via Olivia)

Ava Goo(Daughter with Rebecca)
Emma Alvarado(Adopted Daughter with Rebecca; Deceased)

Nicole(Dated; Deceased)
Lydia Masters(Divorced)
Rebecca Rogers(Married)
Bethany Wilson(She kissed him)

Andy Goo is one of Fantastic City's best known detectives. Andy came to town in 2006, and became fast friends with fellow detective Dylan Stanpatos. Andy grew up in the Moretta household, but little did he know that he was actually the long lost son of his good friend, Queen Molly Goo, and her evil ex, Ian McGuire. Andy discovered the truth circa 2011, and soon embraced the Goo family name. Andy met the love of his life, Rebecca Rogers, in 2014. The two married in late 2015, and then adopted a child in 2016(Who was murdered by serial killer Corey Cambino not long after). In 2017, Andy and Rebecca discovered that they had a daughter, via surrogacy. In late 2017, Andy and Rebecca privately renewed their vows in Italy.
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