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DURATION: 2004-2005; 2014-2015; 2016; 2017; 2018
Right hand man of Madeline Masters
International Criminal
Mob Boss


Ronald Grump(Father)
Dun Dun(Sister)

Josephine Acerbi(Daughter with Acerbi)

Sonia Mergeron(Engaged)
Olivia Acerbi(Lovers)

Wishbone was one of the earliest villains to be introduced in Queen Goo, having shown up in the first year. However, the character was sent to prison in 2005, after having shot and presumably killed King Beast. Wishbone returned nine years later, working with Katie Cat after she kidnapped Dylan. Andre came and rescued Dylan, but Wishbone escaped. Wishbone resurfaced several months later, now working with Doctor Olivia Acerbi. He was also revealed to be in cahoots with Madeline Masters, and continued to appear occasionally until getting killed off in 2015, after being shot by Andy Goo. Wishbone returned in 2016, now working for Kadmos Masters. After returning, Wishbone discovered that Josephine was his daughter, and that Acerbi gave her up for adoption to protect her from him. Wishbone was furious, and hoped to bond with Josephine, but Josephine wanted nothing to do with him. Josephine ended up arresting Wishbone when he tried to kill Lucas, and he got sent to prison. Wishbone escaped from prison later that year, now working with Donghua Cat, Brody McKay, and Fletcher Michaels. They wreaked havoc for a bit, but Wishbone ultimately fled town when the walls began closing in. He returned in 2017, now working for Claudia Stanpatos. He tried to get Claire to bring Dylan back to life for Claudia, but Claire kept explaining she couldn't do it, so Wishbone tied her up. During a confrontation with Andy, Claire appeared from the other room, and tossed Wishbone out a window using her psychic abilities. Later in the year, Wishbone sent Sonia to Fantastic, who he had reunited with, and she revealed to Acerbi that she and Wishbone were engaged. Sonia also revealed Adelina Harman's paternity, on orders from Wishbone.
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