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Rebecca Rogers-Goo

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:20 pm

Commissioner of Fantastic Police Department
Detective for Fantastic Police Department(Formerly)

Home with Andy
Goo Castle(Formerly)
Beach House(Formerly)
Apartment in Fantastic(Formerly)
New York(Formerly)

Michael Stanpatos(Father; Deceased)
Nina Rogers(Mother; Deceased)
Bob Rogers(Step Father)
Lysandros Masters(Maternal Half Brother)
Dylan Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Andre Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Franco Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Kassie Stanpatos(Paternal Half Sister; Deceased)
Alexios Stanpatos(Paternal Half Brother)
Vivian Stanpatos(Paternal Half Sister)
Sabrina Stanpatos(Niece via Andre, Adopted Niece via Dylan)
Lawrence Stanpatos(Paternal Uncle; Deceased)
Unknown Uncle(Deceased)
Clara McGuire(Cousin via Lawrence)

Emma Alvarado(Adopted Daughter with Andy; Deceased)
Ava Goo(Daughter with Andy; Deceased)

Lucas Cambino(Dated)
Andy Goo(Married)

Rebecca grew up in an abusive home, at the hands of her evil stepfather, Bob Rogers. Facing the torment along side her was her mother, Nina Rogers, and her half brother, Lyle Rogers(Later revealed to be Lysandros Masters). Bob would hit every member of the family, and nothing would be done because Nina was terrified to turn on him. When Rebecca was old enough, she left home, and eventually became a police officer. She briefly dated Lucas Cambino, but that ended in disaster because she didn't want to date a mobster. Rebecca came to Fantastic, and was partnered up with Andy at the Fantastic P.D. Not long after, it was discovered that she was the missing Stanpatos daughter that everyone was searching for. Rebecca and Andy fell in love, and married the next year. Not long after they got married, Rebecca found out that she was pregnant. However, as it turns out, the pregnancy was a false alarm, and in the process, they discovered that Rebecca couldn't carry a child to term. After finding out this news, Rebecca fell into a deep depression, and began to neglect her duties. She was eventually fired as the police commissioner by Victor Goo, the new mayor. After Andy returned home from a WPA mission, Rebecca's life greatly improved. The two adopted a teenage girl in 2016, but she was killed by Corey Cambino(Rebecca found out the truth, and eventually killed Corey after he took Katie Goo hostage). In 2017, Rebecca learned that Lysandros stole an embryo that she and Andy had created, and implanted it in Silvia Miller. However, they were unsure if the child was hers and Andy's, Alexios', or Lysandros'. The child turned out to be Rebecca's, and she and Andy got their miracle baby.
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