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Lydia Masters

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:05 pm

CEO of Masters Corp

Lucas' Lake House
Masters family mansion(Formerly)
Several psychiatric hospitals over the years(Formerly)

Walter Masters(Father; Deceased)
Madeline Masters(Mother)
Serena Masters(Sister)
Adelina Harman(Paternal Half Sister)
Brad Wilson(Nephew via Serena)
Orpheus Masters(Nephew via Serena)
Kadmos Masters(Paternal Cousin; Deceased)
Lysandros Masters(Paternal Uncle)
Kadmos' Father(Paternal Uncle; Deceased)

Andy Goo(Divorced)
V.J Goo(Dated; Deceased)
Dylan Stanpatos(Married; Dissolved by Death)
Quinn Goo(Dated when she believed he was Dylan; Deceased)
Daniel(Married; Dissolved by Death)
Lucas Cambino(Married)

Lydia Masters is the eldest daughter of Walter Masters and Madeline Masters. Lydia was spoiled rotten by her parents growing up, and as such, she became use to getting her own way, which led to several psychiatric problems. Lydia met and married Andy Goo. However, she would feel jealous whenever Andy would be around a female coworker of his. She would stalk him, his female coworkers, and do everything possible to keep them apart. Eventually, Lydia was sent to a mental institution, where she remained for several years. She was released in 2014, and traveled to Fantastic City to reunite with her "husband", Andy. She was furious when she discovered Andy had moved on with Rebecca, and attempted to frame Andy for abusing her when they were married. When that didn't work, Lydia buried Rebecca alive, and fled town. Lydia ran into Dylan, who had suffered a severe accident and lost all his memories. The two bonded, and Dylan helped Lydia get help. Lydia got her life back together, and eventually took over Masters Corp. Lydia also made peace with Serena, who she had hated previously. After Dylan's death, Lydia teamed up with Lucas Cambino to help find his killer, and the two ended up falling in love, and eventually marrying.
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